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Ethics and Fraud Hotline

Ethics and Fraud Helpline

We’re committed to the highest standards of business and expect the same from all people we interact with.

You can feel confident that MetLife has implemented a program aimed at deterring, detecting, investigating and prosecuting insurance fraud.

Fraud is a major concern of everyone in the insurance industry and is of increasing concern to lawmakers. Not only is insurance fraud a crime in most states, it also threatens the best interests of our customers because it raises the cost of insurance for everyone.

If you become aware of fraudulent activity relating to any MetLife Company or product, please contact MetLife's Special Investigation Unit via our Ethics and Fraud Helpline. From an outside line dial the direct access number for your location: UAE 8000-021, UAE (du) 8000-555-66, UAE (Military-USO and cellular) 8000-061.  At the English prompt dial 888-320-1671.

All calls will be handled discreetly and confidentially.

When calling from the UAE:

  • First dial 8000-021
  • Wait for the prompt and then dial 888-320-1671



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